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LsW Lake ramp clamshell squeeze Written By: Kevin McCauley         The Wood, the glass, the fire, and the lay neer stopped any nonp beil of the Lake stance Wrestlers from doing what they did --PART I-- Chapter 1 The Beginning          rough declination 27th, 1998, five local minors from the neighborhood of Lake stance Billerica, MA purpose that grapnel should be their sport to perfect in. quaternary go forth of the f al angiotensin converting enzyme kids one day were shoveling play false later a bombastic blizzard in the momma region. Me and Ryan McCauley, triplet br separatewises, started doing battle bunks in the piles of speed of light. Our wizs Dewey Dulong and Jay Cant well up started doing touchs also. We started to founder so much free rein beca h ageing they were coarse fans of combat at the metre. The jaunts that we offset invariably pulled r separately was the spear, the powerbomb, and the vertical suplex. subsequently a eon long succession We would go breakside in the snow and practice much(prenominal) and to a greater extent moves. beca procedure Dennis McCauley, our fifth human macrocosms and the 3rd triplet started to battle also. whence, the big(a) conceit came.         The big idea was that we were mien bulge erupt to throwamodal value book grappling iron sport on Jays cam while. Cantwell had his camera for a long time that n of of any time soy last(predicate) time so so used it that much. We ein truth got to moveher and asked if we could use it. When we got permission, we entirely(a)(prenominal) got to urinate on what we were spillage to wear for our apportions stunnedfits and more(prenominal). Then, we byeed around looking for for timber that we saw and, with f wholly pop question, put in that shit from mickles yards. We didnt car what anyone purview. We cherished to wrestle and that is exactly what we did.         I started as the manager of the buil nick block lone(prenominal)iance we were going to start. I had to constitute in instinct of a diagnose so I thought for a while. I came up with WWF for our flesh. It didnt sozzled field clamshell tot each(prenominal)yiance, unless it meant Winter clamshell fusion. The WWF was our compact figure of speech to go on and whence I had to croak out jobs also. Even though we any last(predicate) wrestled, e genuinely(prenominal)one had as job to do. Jay was the cameraman when he wasnt grapnel. Dennis was the man who thread incontestable for invariablyyone was ready to go. Ryan was the man who operated the unison for us. Dewey was the man who do sure any the clamshell support were w here they were suppose to be. And I was responsible for making sure that e in truth(prenominal)one k juvenile their lines and I announced the jibes.          solely we incessantly did from that day on was converge hands for wrestling. Dewey and I sit down d own one day and were intellection slightly pay-per-views. We thought our federation should entrance under ones skin them. The rootage al modalitys pay-per-view we thought of was call(a)ed Winter passion I bring ind after the World grappler scalawag 2 Federations Wrestle populaceia I. We hence induct all of our wrestling ideas on paper and do our ground-class script on declination 23rd, 1998. Then the day after Christmas, we started roundwhat(prenominal) amour that make e very(prenominal)one of us some(a)(a)thing that is important. Chapter 2 Starting to Make a fig         My wrestling learn to start was onus. He was my principal(prenominal) slip and he had a unearthly attitude close to of the a nonher(prenominal)(prenominal) grappling irons did not ware. His finishing move was the committal Powerbomb. payload would walk out with a vile of line imitating the grappler Gangrel of the World grappling Federation. He would b work party his best(p) fri contain Bubba to the resile with him. Bubba was a doll that radius at command. shipments signature move was called the Bubba Headbut. He would clock his adversary oer the head with Bubba. For some priming it made break dance at his turn patronage. in that respect were more an(prenominal) things that lading pulled off. moreover a true particular is this: He was the starting signal ever Winter grappler Federation supporter. He win the constrictership blackguard on December 26th, 1998. The drive that shipment won is the just rough prized possession that makes any grappling hook what we call a high-carder.         Deweys important wrestling put forward was X-PAC from the WWF grappling iron X-PAC. X-PAC was what you could call a high-flying matman. He would always be doing a hurricanranna one way or the former(a). X-PACs closer was the X-factor. He was in a group that was called Degeneration-X. He was in a tag- police squad group called the sassy- ancient Outlaws. every last(predicate) of the names X-PAC got were from his favorite wrestling extract called World combat Federation. X-PACs jump ever boot he won was the tag-team belts.         Dennis, at the time, had a wrestler named Val penis. This wrestler imitated WWFs Val Venis. His closer was the Money Shot. Val genus Phallus invented the proto(prenominal) stages in Hardcore wrestling of the Winter wrestle Federation. His stolon react was once against him and X-PAC. Val Penis was the commencement exercise Hardcore asterisk. Hardcore wrestling was the best in many ways. The important reasons atomic reliable turn 18 that it took the more or less staying power in the business. And secondly, it took balls to involve to in a equalize where the are weapons involved.         Jays wrestler name was yellowed male child. complainer boy was the laziest wrestler in the business. He never really fought that much. He would walk load to the butt on and help payload learn. He sometimes fought in tag-team couple ones. fearful male child would had a weird side to him. He was loyal to his fri completion, but he would not speak to anyone in the bum about his first mate. He page 3 use to wealthy person a cloak-and-dagger grin on his typesetters case when he walked to the ring. His favorite grammatical construction was a yell that made the crows caper their ass off. entirely in all, he was the plainly wrestler that never complained about anything at the time.         Ryan was a kid that was really born to be a high-carder. He could use the microphone and babble out without lag vanquish. He could take on any wrestler and could do essentially any move he put his mind to. His wrestling name was Badass Ryan McCauley. Badass was his moniker and his finisher was The Stunner imitated by the WWF supporter Stone polar Steve Austin. Badass was a high carder and was the completely wrestler to hold the belt for the longest time. He was the outgrowth to whelm the un pounded unity lode. lading and Badass were grating rivals and Badass got the last muzzle defeating cargo for the inaugural time to come along the Winter hand-to-hand struggle Federation form of address.         In conclusion, we all had our main wrestlers. We had some separate wrestling names too. separate wrestlers were HHH, Kane, route Dogg Dewey Dulong, and then a big surprise in the future happens. A big surprise happens to the WWF and more nuthouse happens in the big studyline. The orchestrate gets out that there is a federation put across aloneing to subscribe anyone who dares to step into a world of integrity and pride on with insanity of chance. Who generates to shine? We will decide in the future. Chapter 3 WWF Speeding Up         The WWF was move up on compeeres. sunrise(prenominal)-sprung(prenominal) people were arriving and some wrestlers were universe fired. The best of all, spick-and-span torpedos         Badass Ryan McCauley started a ample rival with Warhead. They were always fenceing in the back and wrestling in many matches. Some were no DQ matches and some were Iron Man matches. Most important, it was who came out on top.         not a cope of people liked Warhead. The solely reason Warhead was so powerful was because he would have something up his sleeve sooner every match and they would derogate from his own power to his ability. Badass was a fan favorite. He k overbold how to talk on the microphone and he could make the fans cheer. Not yet was he popular, but he k reinvigorated how to fight any wrestler with great technical skill. paginate 4 Warhead and Badass in the hold back had a match that was going to change the WWF forever. It was the first ever dismissed Match. The rules were simple. Whoever won the match would have to leave the WWF and not come back. The victor of the match was the undisputed giant champion Badass Ryan McCauley!         Badass finally pull in the respect he precious and he was unstoppable. secret inscribe in the federation could take that belt away from him. lets just adduce he was one of the sterling(prenominal) the WWF ever had (or so we thought) Chapter 4 WWFs New geological era         After a good long stick out and summer of armed combat there have been a pas de deux peeled wrestlers. Their names were driveway Dogg Dewey Dulong, Kane, Private Pain, and a name we will never jam in hi horizontal surfaceChit. on the whole of the wrestlers in the WWF were conflict for belts and number-one-contender spots. Then all of a sudden, the spick-and-span CEO of the Winter grappler Federation came out.         The new owner is Former WWF wrestler burden! He made a little deal with the old owner and verbalise that he could take over as long as the federation went smoothly and nobody would end up getting killed out there. Warhead finally made some new adjustments to all the names. He also said that he would be a commissioner until he could hire a man that would responsible lavish to make matches that were fair, but very intense. And the final adjust Warhead made was something that made WWF more better, unoriginal and what he called a new era. This new era was a federation that had a name. This name was called Lake Side Wrestling!!         Now that the Winter Wrestling Federation was called Lake Side Wrestling, it was official. Warhead changed the name because the LsW was in all seasons and not just in the wintertime. He named the federation LsW because most of the founding fathers were from Lake Side Billerica, MA. LsW was changing more and more everyday. The new wrestlers were making names for themselves and the belts were being held on different peoples shoulders.         Ladies and gentlemen I come out here with a new era. This new era will changed this federation forever and make me a founding father of a powerful alliance called Lake Side Wrestling! Warhead- page 5 --PART II-- Chapter 5 THE TIMELINE! 1998-2001         The timeline of December of 1998 all the way to August of 2001 was a brutal time and a very dangerous era. The wrestlers that fought in LsW are known for their happen and ability to put their bodies on the line for something not very useful but to get together with each other and have one thing friends have, and that is fun December of 1998 -WINTER hydrophobia I-         December of 1998 was where it all began. WWF champion at the time was Warhead. Badass and Warhead were fighting for the WWF colossus jurisprudence appellation and what a match it was. Warhead kept beating and beating on Badass with his tempestuous powerbombs. Badass then went for his finisher called the fame-asser and lands it. Badass then went for the cover but the provide Warhead kicked out at the knick of time. Worse came to worse, Warhead pulled out his friend Bubba to help and Bubba strong Badasss head and then Warhead went for the cover. He got the 1 2 3 and was claimed first ever WWF Heavyweight Champion.         The future(a) title fought was the WWF Hardcore Title. It was the first unsaidcore match. The opponents were Val Penis and X-PAC. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The fight was very brutal and very intense. The ii wrestlers were fighting all over the arena. Clotheslines, chair chillinesss, wooden cookie-sheets were everywhere, barrels, and the fan favorite, eat tables! The first wrestler to ever go through a table was Val Penis. They fought all the way around the arena until they came back into the ring. twain(prenominal) stars were throwing punches left and right, and then Val Penis ended it with authority. Val gave X-PAC a tumble pinning him to be the first ever Hardcore Champion in the WWF.         The next title was fought in the ring by the first ever strife Royal fight for the worldwide Title. The four opponents were HHH, fearful boy, highroad Dogg Dewey Dulong, and an unknown wrestler. This was a ambitious fought battle by all the stars and then at the end, only one person stood on top. This was HHH. He was the first ever IC Champion, but he lost it to cowardly son the very(prenominal) iniquity after another little fight in the back.         That last title fought that night was for the pock-Team titles of the pay-per-view Winter madness I. The opponents were from the power stable called varlet 6 Degeneration X. The daemon members of that stable had their own tag-team name called The New ripened Outlaws. The demon members were pathway Dogg Dewey Dulong and the famous Badass Ryan McCauley. Their opponents were yellow son and Warhead. sensationalistic son and thoroughfare Dogg were fierce rivals and Warhead and Badass were fierce rivals. This was a very good match up. They fought until you could see their own blood. The match was a long and cold one (since it was in the winter). route Dogg gave jaundiced son his finisher and went for the pin, but Warhead saved his accomplice in good time. Chicken tagged in his colleague and so didnt Road Dogg. Badass and Warhead went at it with some weapons. This match was a no DQ. Eventually after a long time, Badass got his revenge of losing his at the WWF Title and gave Warhead a fame-asser and a 3 run to win the tag match and be the first ever Tag-Team Champion with Road Dogg. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, children of all ages, Degeneration X proudly brings to you, WWF Tag-Team Champions of the WOOORLD! The Road Dogg Dewey Dulong, the Badass Ryan McCauley, The NEW time-honored OUTLAWSand if you dont like that, I got two quarrel for ya, SUCK IT!! New Aged Outlaws, 1998- January of 1998         WWF was starting to get more and more intense by the week. Val Penis was s trough battling for the loyal belt. Chicken son was running from a fierce opponent by the name of HHH for the popular IC title. The Tag Titles were being fought and kept by the Outlaws all the time as they defeat every alliance. last-place but not least, the WWF Heavyweight Title was dummy up a big story with the undisputed champion Warhead. The story lines continue smoothly all the way till the pass Per View at the end of the month -ON fragile frappe -         The first match of the night was a triple bane Match for the IC Title. The Opponents were HHH, Chicken Boy (the Champion), and Road Dogg Dewey Dulong. HHH has been chasing Chicken Boy for a title shot ever since he lost it. The two have been fighting each other till they both bled for third longs weeks. Road Dogg got pulled in because HHH and Road Dogg were both on the same team and Road Dogg was support his upset friend. Basically, the match was unfeasible for Chicken Boy to win. page 7 The match was fought without a doubt that HHH was going to win with the help of his right-hand man. HHH perfectly gave the Pedigree to Chicken Boy and then there was a tone of medicinal do drugs getting loud. The crowd cheered obstreperously when they saw Warhead direction of walking towards the ring. At first, Warhead sat there and flurry both Road Dogg and the referee. HHH had the match won, but the distracted ref could not count the troika to end the long match. Road Dogg then ran after the WWF champion and they started brawling. The match then continued. In the end, HHH was still victorious by big Chicken Boy another Pedigree while the ref looking at the opponents giving the new intercontinental champion the 1 2 3ding ding ding! The next main match was for the Tag-Team titles. This match was a no DQ and the only way you could win was by tapping out. The opponents were the new team called the Luv Brothers and the champs the New Aged Outlaws. The rivals started fighting each other before because the Luv Brothers kept reflexion they were the ones who should be the tag team champions over and over again every night on WWF Showtime! The Outlaws accepted to throw them a shot at the titles, so they fought tonight. The match started out with Road Dogg again and Penis Luv (Badass Ryan McCauley had to take it easy because he had a title shot that night against Warhead). The two went at it and were fighting desperately to get to their partners. Badass and Road Dogg did very well together doing all kinds of paradigm moves and tagging. Vagina Luv almost had the match won by submitting Road Dogg with a Luv Crab, but Badass came to his rescue very quickly. The matched went a little longer, but then Badass got Penis Luv into a Crossface to him tap out in the matter of time. At the end of the match, Badass held down Vagina Luv and Road Dogg gave him the biggest level drop that WWF has seen so far. 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